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Doctor Who cupcakes available today & tomorrow to celebrate the 12th Doctor. Welcome Peter Capaldi!

Doctor Who cupcakes available today & tomorrow to celebrate the 12th Doctor. Welcome Peter Capaldi!

Rusty had his surgery yesterday afternoon and is now recovering from his perineal urethrostomy for a couple of days at the animal hospital. He should be coming home tomorrow, though. The doctors did find a heart murmur so they want to keep an eye on him, and he’ll need a follow up visit in a few days to check everything out. 

Thank you all for your donations and for sharing Rusty’s fundraising site. You’ve made a huge dent in Rusty’s surgery bill (over halfway there!), but Kristina and Brian still need more help to cover these bills, so please keep sharing the link and donating if you can. And we’ll continue to have our Orange Creamsicle cupcakes in the shop, with a dollar from each sale going directly to Rusty’s medical bills. 

» http://www.gofundme.com/clq06k «

SWEET AVENUE FANS: We sometimes ask you guys to donate to charities and other causes that need your help, but today it’s one of us that really needs your support. Kristina’s kitty Rusty desperately needs expensive, life-saving surgery that she can’t afford on her own. Please consider giving anything you’re able to help him out.

LINK » http://www.gofundme.com/clq06k «

In addition, all tips left at the shop will go directly towards Rusty’s care. Thank you. 

Game of Thrones - House Martell cake

World Cup cupcakes available today for the final. Germany vs. Argentina ⚽️🏆

Tree bark style wedding cake on Flickr.

Photo credit: Gary Flom Photography www.garyflom.com

The Munchmobile’s article is up! They visited us a few weeks ago on their search for Jersey’s Best Cupcakes!

Harry Potter Gryffindor Cake on Flickr.

Slight variation of our popular Harry Potter cake design featuring Harry’s glasses.

The Munchmobile hits the Borough of Trees for vegan cupcakes!!